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Optimal Control, Smart, Informed Choices

Comprehensive Assessment

Optimal Control, Smart, Informed ChoicesThe development of your customized solution begins with a Supply Chain Assessment which documents existing indirect materials processes, technology and cost structure. We analyze your purchasing and inventory data, as well as storeroom metrics, to not only identify supply chain opportunities, but also to validate perceptions.

We take a consultative approach to determine the strengths and opportunities for improvement within a customer's indirect supply chain. The assessment determines if and how we can best streamline operations, drive value within the procurement process, and increase control in storeroom management. This provides a road map to a more effective maintenance team and positively affect plant profitability.

As a result of the site assessment, we develop a general "Business Case" that compares the customer's current supply chain costs with the costs and value that will be realized under a DXP Smart Supply Chain Services program.

Master Plan Development

The assessment provides all needed information to develop a comprehensive indirect materials management Master Plan. This plan proposes customized solutions with contractually guaranteed, measurable results that include:

  • Material cost reductions
  • Labor cost reductions
  • Supplier base reductions
  • Lower freight costs
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Inventory controls
  • Improved technology utilization

Program Verification (Implementation - Phase 1)

If the potential customer agrees the initial Business Case and Master Plan indicate the program can drive substantial value and wants to move forward, DXP would perform a deeper, more thorough supply chain analysis to verify Business Case projections and assumptions laying out a specific sourcing strategy and more detailed plan prior to beginning implementation.

Best-in-Class Implementation Strategy

Successful operations are contingent on a successful implementation. The DXP Supply Chain Services Implementation group has implemented numerous of supply chain services locations throughout North America. We have developed and continue to develop, based on our commitment to continuous improvement, a "Best in Class" methodology that allows us to implement with minimal disruption to our customer's business. The DXP Supply Chain Services Group is committed to its "Customer First" mentality and is organized around each of its customers. A hierarchy of operational oversight is applied to each engagement to include a VP of Operations, General Manager and a Program Manager with unique responsibility for a single customer. Our structure allows for intense customer focus and attention. According to our diverse customer base, this structure has served them better than any previous geographically based management structure.

DXP's Proprietary Software Customized for Your Needs

DXP owns and operates its own software companies, which provides for maximum customization, flexibility and cost containment. We develop and implement software that produces results for our customers. DXP systems are web enabled and have the ability to accept orders through our multiple systems:

  • Customer e-procurement systems
  • DXP's proprietary e-procurement system.
  • Direct data transfer

DXP has been building electronic content for over 15 years. At present, we have over 4 million SKUs in our e-catalog. Additionally, DXP utilizes progressive data enhancement tools and methods to transform low-quality data into usable and robust information. The unique combination of products, processes, and system expertise allows us to implement and manage programs and software focused on the indirect supply chain.

Most importantly, DXP gives its customers the commitment of its stake holders who are on the front line everyday to ensure the success of every engagement.


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